Collection: Offroad Creative Tub Life Series

Step into the world of Offroad Creative's Tub Life Series, designed for truck enthusiasts like you!

Introducing our game-changing trio:

Tub Rack System (TRS): Elevate your gear-carrying game with unmatched versatility and durability. Tackle any terrain with ease, loading up for the road without limits.
Tub Integrated Kitchen (TIK): Take outdoor cooking to new heights. Immerse yourself in culinary freedom with a slide-out kitchen designed for on-the-go gourmet meals, from sunrise breakfasts to sunset dinners.
Tub Power and Water System (TPWS): Unleash innovation that keeps you charged and hydrated. Power up devices and ensure your water needs are met. The TPWS is the heart of your off-road setup, offering adaptability and high performance.

Elevate your adventure with the Tub Life Series – where practicality, style, and innovation converge. It's more than products; it's a lifestyle that enhances every off-road journey. From organised gear to gourmet meals and uninterrupted power, our series promises an unrivalled adventure experience.